Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

This is a book in the series of Whiskey Creek by author Brenda Novak. The book revolves around Adelaide who is coming back to Whiskey Creek to help take care of her recovering grandmother, and Noah Rackham who owns a bike shop in the local town. I found this book distributing on many levels; the first issue is trying to have a romance between a victim of a gang rape at 15 and one of the rapists twin brothers. It does not make for a good romance plot of any kind. The entire story of trying to force a romance between the two was so unrealistic and painful to watch unfold it made me want to punch something when the book ended. I hardly ever after the ending of a book feel such a huge dissatisfaction with who the heroine ends up with, but this book managed to do it. I don't think that trying to resolve and deal with a gang rape when the heroine was just 16 and having most of the town try and cover it up or make it out to her fault, is a plot that naturally has a romance in it. The unfortunate thing is the author can write and write well, it just is a shame it was done in such a horrid plot wise way. If the book had been about a woman's journey to find love after tragedy it would have been fine but to always be stuck being reminded of something from her past, each and every day, after all her in laws and children's grandparents will be in her life for all time, is almost like keeping Adelaide a victim, instead of allowing her to grow and become stronger from her experiences. I cannot recommend this book to others, but I would recommend in trying to find and read an actual romance novel by the author as I'm sure in a different setting and plot the author would write a stellar book, this just is not it. I found this book to be 'mundane'.

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