Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cover Reveal - Rebecca's Resistance

We are excited to showcase the cover reveal for author Teresa Jones's book, Rebecca's Resistance. Teresa recently signed her first contract with new historical romance publishing house, Parchment & Plume!   Blurb: Every year Bella Plantation comes alive with the Christmas season as the prominent Bellafield family hosts their annual holiday parties. The only thing more famous than the parties at Bella Plantation is the marriages that are arranged during the parties, as well as the one marriage that has never been arranged.   Rebecca Bellafield has been introduced to the finest men that South Carolina can offer and still she has resisted each suitor. Her mother wants a marriage based on name and money, while she is looking for someone to share her life with.   When her mother announces that this year their approach to suitors will be different, Rebecca is sure that the holiday season is going to miserable that is until she gets caught in the eyes of a green-eyed stranger.   Rebecca's Resistance will be available at all ebook retailers on October 3, 2013!                   Author Bio: Teresa Jones is a native from Pennsylvania where she grew up in small coal mining towns and spent her younger years reading everything she could get her hands on.   She has been writing stories almost as long as she has been reading them and used to sit in her closet, writing in her notebooks while her imagination carried her to places far away.   She now resides in Texas with her husband and their "children", a black lab named Maximus and an orange tabby named Princess. When she is not reading or writing she is planning an escape to the coast to be as close to the ocean as possible.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Classics - Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

For this Sunday Classic I thought I would review a book that in all honesty I never wanted to read. I had begged, pleaded and pouted and got my husband to join a book club I was a member of years ago. The leader always let each member pick a book from time to time, so that everyone felt they got a voice in what was being read in the group. My husband picked 'Ender's Game', a book I had not heard of before and when I knew more about it, still did not want to read it. But I'm always a good sport with the book club and I read what is picked each month, even those books that don't grab me or interest me. I am of the mindset that every book I read, whether I like it or not, I feel I am better for it. I try and learn something from each book and allow me to grow and develop. So it was a huge surprise to me that when I started to read the book, how powerful I found it to be. The author Orson Scott Card, really used metaphor to his advantage. Card also spoke greatly on the nature of politics, government and people's rights. I was blown away by the book and could not believe that I had not read this Classics before. Truly a book that changed me in a number of ways, how I viewed government's, people, political parties, roles in society and the world. The book and twists and turns that I as a reader did not see coming, from the first page to the last page I was on the edge of my seat to see what was going to happen and how the events would unfold. This was one time I happily admitted that my husband was right, he can pick some interesting and great books. This book was so 'magical' it burst with magic from every page.