Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Classics - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Recently throwback Thursday's have become popular on the interwebs of doom, but for me Sunday's have always been a day of reflection. Sunday's reflections are about what happened during the last week, what was successful and what was not, what is going to happen in the coming week, how much blessings I have, etc. I figure that Sunday would be a good day of reflecting here on my book blog. The very first book that really touched me, that spoke to my soul is the classic Little Women. This book was the first one that really truly made me laugh in joy and sob great big heaving sobs of despair. I read this book when I was young and have since read it countless times. Each time I read it I glean something new out of it. The story of the March sisters, Meg, Amy, Jo and Beth as they grow up together and the events that try to tear them apart or bring them closer together. The story of the Marches  left just as a deep of an impression the first time I read it as a child just as much as the last time I read it as an adult. This book is one of the most 'magical' ones that I always go back to time and time again. So what is one book that touched you and showed you the magic of words on a paper?

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