Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review - The Wolf's Pursuit - author Rachel Van Dyken

This was my first book that I read by author Rachel Van Dyken. The premise of the book was interesting and fun - a take on Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale that most were introduced to as children. The book focuses on spies Hunter Wolfsbane and Lady Gwendolyn, the Wolf and Red are caught up in a tale of intrigue and political webs. The attraction between the two main characters practically did burn the fingers when turning the page. It was great to see the author use humor and the backdrop of espionage for the two to meet, work together and ultimately find love ever lasting. Here is another author that has the great ability to bring characters to life on the page. All of the characters introduced felt real and likeable, even the bad ones. Readers will find it easy to lost in the world the author has built up with her words. My biggest issue is one that comes from years of studying to be a historian - the history is so inaccurate and is so far from the truth that it made my historian heart ache with the issues. Honestly it felt even though the backdrop was historical but the conversations and writing made it seem like it was taking place in the modern world. I felt the book would have been better if it had a modern setting, I think the book would have been stronger and the plot more realistic. All in all though I did enjoy it enough to want to read more of the author's work and I have since. I wish I could call this book magical because of the wonderful character development, but unfortunately due to the horrible mangling of history I have to declare it mundane. I do recommend checking out other books by this author, which I would not hesitate to certify as magical and I will be doing other reviews of this author's books in the future.

~ Darklingfae

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