Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review - Breaking the Rules - Author Melinda Dozier

From the start of the book it snags the reader in and I could not put it down. It was a surprisingly enjoyable and fun read. The two main characters each come with some baggage that life brought them along the way and through it all they realize that happiness is not only something that can be reached but should be reached. I liked how the relationship progressed in a real and true fashion. There were light hearted moments, laughter on dates, some real issues as well like how children deal with death of a parent,  past relationships that did not work out and end very messy, and the entire fun process of getting to know another person. The author does a great job on making the characters stop being characters and become real. The reader can feel their laughter, their heartache, their joy, their frustration in situations. The reader becomes immersed in their love story and you become friends and family with the Hope and Colin. This was the first book I read from the author and my only criticism is the story ended! I didn't want to put the book down and wanted to continue to see how the characters grow and develop. I look forward to see what other books the author has. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a fun and enjoyable romance, where the emphasis is on the romance and the growing closer as a couple, and less on sex and lust. In the end this book was a 'magical' story of love discovered.


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