Thursday, January 16, 2014

The High Arc Book Tour - Author Jessica Cage


The queen is trapped inside her own mind, her Serve has been captured by Darkness, and the Navare are launching an attack in just a matter of days.
Lamar and Layal must lead the vampire masses in a battle against evil. It won't be an easy task. The Navare are nasty beasts, vampires given in to the call of Darkness. They have strength in numbers, a leader who is spiritually connected to their once queen Alecia, and a ton of twisted demons on their side.
For the vampires, its either find a way to wake Alexa or stand and fight. Which path should they choose when either may lead to their demise?


“Lamar.” She whispered his back to him. With her whisper, he was given further validation that something wasn’t right.  She never called him by his given name in private settings. She had a nickname for him that only they knew. No matter the situation between them, when they were alone, she called him by that name. Even as she was walking out on him, she called him by that name. Before he could move away, he felt his face begin to sear.
The skin under her hand burned and he howled from the pain. When he opened his eyes, it was no longer his wife he saw. The woman looked more like a demon than a human. Her face was mutated and covered in a gray translucent film. He saw images of faces flash within the surface and they all looked horrified. He tried to pull away but she easily overpowered him.
She said his name once more but this time it was a guttural sound. A curse swathed in disgust. She dug her fingers into his face, displacing his skin beneath her boney points and causing the burn to intensify. She dropped her head back and howled as the pain wrapped around his face and began to spread lower into his neck. His vision became blurred and the images of the thing in front of him began to darken around the edges.
“Stop!” He barely heard the scream of his daughter. The woman dropped him and turned for Layal. She growled and crouched as if ready to pounce.
He wanted to help, to distract the demon, but he couldn’t.  He was paralyzed. He could feel the demon’s venom racing through his veins. There was no way Layal could face her. He watched his daughter with a growing pain in his chest. He would have to stand by and watch her die.
In an instant, the fight played out before him, but to his surprise, the outcome was not as he suspected. Layal was quick and powerful. She moved effortlessly and with precision, as if she had been in combat her entire life. He watched as she ran around the thing, kicked in the back of its leg and knocked it to its knees. She wrapped her hands, one around the base of its chin and the other back of its head. In one swift movement, she twisted and snapped the demon’s neck.
The creature fell to the floor. The twisted face was towards Lamar. For a moment, the features were that of his wife’s again, and then they transformed, shifted, and her eyes converted back to the red eyes of the demon. The skin on its face was still translucent but no longer contained the stolen faces. The thing was a monster completely. There was nothing left of his wife.
He felt the tears begin to fall as his daughter ran to his side. The emptiness that swallowed him was immediate. She was gone, lost to him again.
“Dad?” Layal’s voice was the last sound he heard before the thick absence of sound flood his ear drums.

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About Jessica Cage:

I am a young mother who at one point gave up on my dream to be a writer because everyone told me there was nothing in it for me. After having my son, I questioned, how can I inspire him to follow his dreams, reach for the stars, if I do not do it myself. Yes I have made some mistakes, slip ups and all, (some very embarrassing), but instead of tucking my tail between my legs and running away to hide, I stepped back a bit, cleaned up my act and now I am hitting the pavement hard. I am inviting all who are interested to come along with me on my journey as I seek to grow and improve as a woman, a mother, and a writer.

~ Darkling