Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet Nothings by Kim Law

The premise of the book is simple, Nick Dalton is in Sugar Springs to connect with his long lost twin brother and expand his construction business to the area. Nick hopes by branching out his business in Sugar Springs it will allow him to spend more time with his new found twin brother and his nieces. What he doesn't expect or count on is to have his heart pulled by Joanie Bigbee, owner of a local cupcake shop, and cursed with the Bigbee women's curse. Joanie is trying to keep her heart and emotions at bay, so she does not fall victim to the bad love choices she has seen by her mother and grandmother.

Nick and Joanie's love story is one filled with laughter, tears and growing pains. Both Nick and Joanie had troubled childhoods that left them each scarred in different ways. In order for both of them to find real and honest happiness they have to deal with their own personal demons. I loved that this love story takes the reader on such an intense emotional journey. I was right there cheering them on, wanting to hug them both and go to battle when times got tough. The author had such a wonderful talent of creating characters that jumped off the page and felt so real to the touch.

Who wouldn't fall in love with a man who loves cats? Who wouldn't want to embrace a woman who finally realizes her true worthiness? Nick and Joanie's love story is one that I couldn't put down from the first words on the page, I was hooked and am left wanting so much more! This is the first book I've read from this author and I'm not scouring the amazon site for more books of hers to read. I cannot recommend this 'magical' book more highly. But be prepared to have plenty of tissues on hand, tears are promised to be shed in both sorrow and joy.

~ Darkling

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