Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mind of a Stranger by Ruth J. Hartman

The Mind of a Stranger centers around newlywed Shelby Wright, a phlebotmist and her husband of one year Charlie Wright, the perfect husband, best friend and companion a woman could ask for. Everything on the outside looks like Shelby has the dream come true, a man who loves and adores her, a cat who is purrfect and a job she is good at. Until, her mind begins to play tricks on her, and she finds that she no longer understands or knows the reflection in the mirror staring back at her. How does one cope, when a person's own thoughts seem to the enemy and chipping away at owns own happiness?

I will be honest, this book was heart wrenching to read. It broke my heart to see Shelby and Charlie struggle, with Shelby's OCD. I have several friends who suffer from it, and I never realized just how much of a struggle simple things for me, are for them. To have to battle one's thoughts and feelings and emotions is a difficult battle. Unfortunately there is such a stigma with any kind of mental disorder, that Shelby's struggle to understand what was happening to her, is a real one that many people face each and every day.

The author truly captures the challenges of facing those inner demons and turmoil, with as much grace and dignity as a person can. I couldn't put the book down, once I started and even though it is a quick read, it leaves the reader deeply touched in a variety of ways. Both Charlie and Shelby work their way to find balance for their life and the situations that Shelby goes through. This book is truly an eye opener, to see the hardships and difficulties people grapple with having OCD. The author did a wondrous job in showing OCD in the reality it is and yet still leave the reader with hope and laughter through the tears. This is without a doubt one of the most 'magical' books, truly a gem amongst books.

~ Darkling

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