Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Change My Mind By Elley Arden Book Review

This book is about a real estate agent Nel Parker that is trying to establish her company after a messy breakup with her previous real estate broker boyfriend, and baseball center-fielder Grey Kemmons for Nashville. Grey is trying to fix up a house left to him in his father's will for a quick sale, and Nel is trying to convince Grey to let her list the house and help with the renovation process.

I've not read anything by this author before and I was not sure what to expect. But from the first word the last word I was hooked and I'm a bit bereft now that I've finished the book. I honestly laughed, cried, hoped and worried about each to the characters that the author introduced to the readers. I loved Grey and Nel as they were older, not the typical young 20 something hotties who met and fall in love and everything is rosy. There were hardships, there was baggage of the past, and there was messy, quirky flaws that each one had to figure out.

What made the story great was it was real and showed how love actually works. Love blossoms and is based not only on chemistry but respect and the a foundation of mutual admiration for each other. Where Nel was weak Grey was strong, and where Grey was weak Nel was strong. It was great to see a woman who was independent, a business owner and knew what she wanted and went after for it. Finally a book where there heroine is not dreaming about her magical white wedding and how that will complete her finally, but here is a woman who wants to make her mark in the business world and knows how to go after that business dream for herself.

This 'magical' book is one I highly enjoyed and I cannot wait to see what other books the author was written. This book is a series of the Kemmons brothers and I cannot wait to read the rest of the Kemmons brothers stories to find love and happiness.

~ Darkling

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